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Positivity Sucks

April 11, 2019

I read a great article today about positivity, and how it's pervasive and aggressive smear campaign is garbage. Honestly, I was all at once struck at how much relief I felt that I wasn't alone in feeling that way. I'm generally a pretty nice person. I try and be kind, in all things. Which should not be confused with positivity. There's a huge difference in being nice and being positive. There are huge differences in two. I can be kind to you,...

Loving yourself first.

January 28, 2019

If there's something that's become increasingly more obvious to me as I've become older and more mature is that to deal with life's challenges and be a better more whole person is that we have to heal ourselves and learn to love ourselves first, before we can be loved and be of true use to the world. Not to say we can't be loved and be useful to others without it - but I've come to a certain understanding slowly over the last few years. I really...