About Me

This website started as a place to put thoughts on a daily basis, links to interesting videos, pictures, and things that I wanted to discuss. I’m sure it will evolve over time. For now, it’s a place to put thoughts on worldviews and talk about feelings. Maybe book reviews? Kids? Politics? Perhaps. Perhaps. There’s really no set purpose, goal, reason, or why.

If you don’t like it and don’t like me? Please hit X.

I don’t need validation. I certainly don’t need you to stay. Something I think we all will agree on (and this will be the LAST TIME) is that you cannot please everyone, all the time. I’m certainly not trying to.

This does not mean we cannot be friends, and both speak our  minds.

My views are not always going to be yours. Your views are not going to be exactly the same as mine? But what a boring world we live in if that were the case.

As long as we speak respectfully, and honestly, and are not hurting anyone there’s no reason the world cannot continue to revolve and we each have our own opinions.

If you choose to stay, I’m really glad.

Something else that I have discovered along the way is that my mind can be changed. Want to chat about something? Hit me up.